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PediPamper Platinum Pulse Massager

PediPamper Platinum Pulse Massager

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Experience Rejuvenated Legs in Just 15 Minutes Daily!

This cutting-edge massager invigorates foot and leg muscles using low-frequency pulses, pinpointing trigger points to melt away tension at its core.

✔ Eases plantar fasciitis and reduces inflammation.

✔ Highly beneficial for managing high blood pressure.

✔ Alleviates leg swelling, enhances blood flow, and promotes lymphatic drainage.

✔ Ideal for individuals experiencing foot discomfort due to prolonged standing, conditions like neuropathy, or general foot soreness.

✔ 96.6% of users experienced instant relief.

Untreated Swollen Feet Can Escalate to More Severe Foot Issues.

If not addressed properly, swollen feet can evolve into significant foot problems. Potential complications include challenges in walking, reduced blood flow, and even risks of heart or renal failure.

Here are the distinctive characteristics of the Wireless Remote Control Foot Massage Mat.

A Unique Fusion of Intensive Massage Techniques to Combat Swollen Ankles, Rigidity, and Foot Discomfort.

Experience the transformative power of this massager, designed to enhance blood flow and diminish the visibility of cellulite on the legs and thighs. For those who spend hours at a desk, this device offers unparalleled relief.

Tailor the experience to your liking:

8 Modes - Customize your massage with intelligent artificial techniques, mixing and matching based on your preferences and the day's physical strain.
18 Adjustable Intensities - Target acupuncture points directly, alleviate both physical and mental exhaustion, and promote better sleep.


After a strenuous day or just from wearing tight shoes, a mere 15 minutes can rejuvenate your feet, promote healthy leg circulation, provide swift relief from swelling, and soothe foot fatigue.


Connect the control device to the foot mat. Utilize the three buttons to navigate through its various functions.


Position your feet on the mat. Use the "+" or "-" buttons to power on the device and set your desired intensity. Press "M" to toggle between modes.


Dive into a spa-like massage experience right at home. For optimal results, indulge in 10–15 minute sessions, 3–4 times a week.



The EMS circulation foot massager employs electrical stimulation therapy, delivering micro-current pulses to the neuromuscular muscles. This enhances circulation in your feet, offering immediate relief from discomfort.


This foot massager for circulation boasts 19 customizable intensity settings and 8 distinct vibration modes, all clearly showcased on its LCD display. The leg massage machine is designed for effortless monitoring and adjustment to attain the desired effect.


A study was conducted to assess the effects of a new foot neuromuscular electrical stimulator on physical function, leg discomfort, symptoms, and blood flow in older adults over an 8-week duration.

The findings revealed that NMES usage significantly boosted leg blood circulation, potentially mitigating symptoms like pain, cramps, heaviness, and fatigue.

In detail, applying NMES to the foot's plantar surface indirectly prompted calf muscle contractions, thereby stimulating the musculo-venous pump and enhancing circulation.


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